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Ammar ElAmir Headshot Photo

Ammar ElAmir

User Experience Design - Master's of Information, UofT

Human Computer Interaction - BSc Computer Science, UofT 

My time at UofT has opened my eyes to the endless potential of the world. So, now, I am setting my sights to make it whatever I want. 

Growing up, I was always the kid helping everyone troubleshoot their printer, connect their new TV or work any tech gadget. That passion for technology grew as I did, and dragged me deeper into dissecting how technology works. The end of that story is that I graduated with a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree. But during my CS undergrad, I realized that what made that kid was not just a passion for tech. Rather, it was a strong technological literacy paired with a compassion for others. That’s when I decided to shift into UX - although I didn’t even know what it as at the time. 


I paid more attention to my skills and reflected on how I could use them to facilitate people’s technological journeys. I started noticing how people interacted with day to day objects and tasks. I then found myself conducting user interviews and applying the design thinking process implicitly even before formally learning about it. So, when I eventually came across UX it immediately hit me - that’s it! As a UX designer, I can use all my skills and technical understanding to help people in their daily lives and beyond.

With a technical background in Computer Science and a Master's of Information in User Experience Design I aim to lead designers and developers in building a more minimalist, human-first, technological future.


For inquiries please email me at:


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