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AEL_BDAssetsAsset 8.png

Since the brand in subject is a small personal business, the process started with a set of initials: A.E. Using the Arabic letter “ ع ” to replace the “E” was an option as a personalized touch Alternatively, the name “ElAmir” can be printed in an Arabic script as such: “ اﻷﻣﯿﺮ ”

AEL_BDAssetsAsset 6.png

In the select design, the initial “A” was dissected into three segments and combined with the Arabic print of the name. The three segments each represent the first three letters of the Arabic name while still being visible as an “A”.

AEL_BDAssetsAsset 7.png

The square with indented edges
compliments the font curvature and the oriental style. The final color choice was based on the golden colors of the desert and an expression of energy and excitement.

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