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Wardrobe manager and curator app.


Have you ever thrown all your clothes on the bed trying to arrange an outfit?
Or ever found a piece of clothing in a store and wanted to figure out if it will match with an item you own?
Wake up in the morning with no idea what to wear?

Fashionista will help you manage your wardrobe and outfits from your pocket.

• Easily find all the clothes items you own.

• Build and curate outfits by combining your clothes for hassle free matching.

• Keep track of your usage and your favourite outfits

• Receive recommendations on outfits and new items based on your style

Research & Ideation 

Use Cases

Following the Lean UX methodology for a quick turnaround, I started by ideating and sketching a few ideas to narrow down my project direction. I then validated that vision with a brief survey.

Engaging with their wardrobes, users typically fall in one of the following cases:

1. Need to match multiple pieces of clothes to decide what matches without making a mess.

2. Want to plan what to wear ahead of an event.

3. While shopping, users want to recall the items they have to compare or match with what they are shopping for.


• Match items in the app to create an outfit combination
• Keep track of outfits worn and planned
• Quickly find an item in a wardrobe
• Filter Items in the following hierarchy:

    • Season

    • Style

    • Color

    • Accessories

Layer 3.png

Screens and Flow


• Outfit recommendation based on the season and weather.
• Navigation to:

    • Search

    • Wardrobe 

    • Create an Outfit

    • Saved Outfits



Filter by Season, Category, and Colors

Outfit Details

• View the main items in the outfit

• Edit the outfit details.

Outfit Builder

• View the main items in the outfit

• Edit the outfit details.

Group 12.png
Fashionista Design Spec
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